August 19, 2014

Anthony O’Connor is a Sydney based maker/designer of objects and jewellery, with a bachelor degree in Applied Arts following a four-year period of study at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.

These individually Hand-Made Works are Sculpted, carved, much attention is given to the fluidity of the work, until both the form and function of the piece integrate. The outcome to unify desired and exclusive work.

Limited Edition pieces from Jewellers Collection of Works are available now, also Commissioned Work can be arranged simply contact Anthony

Leaving the Nest, "Exhibition Piece"

A mixed media art object about the human conflict between the nesting instinct, and the urge to take flight.


found object (bird’s nest) and sterling silver.


Description of Proposed Artwork

We are surely at conflict within our souls from the moment we know we must leave the nest.

From the times of ancient Greek myths and legends such as Pegasus and Icarus, to present day flight technologies, man has always perceived of flight and strived to find ways to do so.


The nest evokes refuge and nurturing.

Flight evokes freedom and elevation, but also challenge and the unknown.


In this piece a found bird’s nest is contrasted with a fabricated silver ladder, which represents human endeavour to become elevated, and to step forward.

Both the ladder and the nest are constructed forms, yet the ladder represents human tendency towards order in the objects it designs and constructs. The rungs represent the steps we take in our aspiration to take flight, both physically and spiritually.


Proposed artwork for Hardware Gallery, Flight exhibition 2010

Leaving the Nest. Work-in-progress photos, 2010.

Artist: Anthony Thomas O’Connor

Materials: Found bird’s nest (90x60x40mm), sterling silver ladder (160x20mm), sterling silver miniatures (various sizes, approx 25x15mm), display plinth (220x160x90mm).